Fat Dog Entertainment is a boutique production company specializing in professional quality video and experiential marketing. With nearly ten years of experience producing non-fiction programming and developing unique marketing campaigns, Fat Dog Entertainment provides clients with the storytelling ability they need to engage their target customer.

Owner, Executive Producer – Kristen Kassouf

Kristen Kassouf is a seasoned producer/writer based in Detroit, Michigan.

Kristen began her career ten years ago in the hectic newsrooms of radio and quickly realized that she could better express these stories in video.  She has produced and field produced video news magazine style programs across the country, created corporate brand and fundraising videos for major corporations and non-profit organizations and has developed original, non-fiction programming that gave her the opportunity to work with the likes of entertainment industry superstars Jeff Daniels, Tony Bennett and Drew Barrymore, just to name a few.  She is skilled in all aspects of the production process from initial stages of researching and organizing the production to script writing, interviewing, and editing.

In addition to video, Kristen is a seasoned corporate event producer. She has developed and executed numerous corporate sponsorships, mobile tours, ride & drive programs and press and training events for several automotive brands, non-profit organizations and major media outlets.